P7 Motor HW Kit, First Stage 5:1, RS-5nn or 7nn Motor

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Motor HW Kit for P7 gearboxes with a first stage of 5:1 and a RS-5nn sized motor (RS-540, RS-545, RS-550, RS-555, etc) or a RS-7nn sized motor (RS-755, RS-775).

This kit contains a pinion, 2 screws, and 2 lock washers. This kit does not contain a motor input block.
For Motor:
RS-5nn (RS-540, RS-545, RS-550, RS-555, etc)
RS7-nn (RS-755, RS-775)
P7 Pinion, First Stage 5:1, 3.2mm Shaft, RS-5nn Motor
P7 Pinion, First Stage 5:1, 5mm Shaft, RS-7nn Motor
Two M3 x 8 screws
Two M4 x 8 screws
Lock Washers:
Two M3
Two M4
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