Sport Gearbox: Heavy Duty, 36:1, Stock

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1 unit

Heavy Duty Sport Gearbox with a 36:1 reduction. Configured with a 1in long x 1/2 hex output shaft, hard black anodized aluminum ringgear, and a selectable input bundle.

Zebra Gearbox
This gearbox is custom manufactured by Zebra Gearbox for BaneBots. This is a custom configuration from the Zebra P7 line specially designed for the educational and hobby markets. All P7 Shafts and the 4:1 P7 pinions will work with the sport gearboxes. The output blocks, ringgears, and motor blocks WILL NOT WORK with sport gearboxes. The unibody design make it very durable and easy to use. AndyMark put together a video testing the durability of the Sport gearboxes.

All motor input selections include a motor block, pinion, and hardware (screws/washers) to mount the selected motor. Additional Motor HW Kits and Pinions may be purchased separately. Links to items that will work with gearbox can be found in the Specifications tab.

-- RS-5nn Motor --
Motors with a 3.2mm shaft and a 13mm boss.
Motors with this configuration include RS-540, RS-545, RS-550, and RS-550 motors.

-- RS-5nn or 7nn Motor --
Motor with either a 3.2mm or 5mm shaft and either a 13mm, 15mm or 17.5mm boss. Motors with this configuration include RS-540, RS-545, RS-550, RS-555, RS-775, and RS-775 motors. This configuration provides flexibility in selecting the motor to mount to the gearbox by providing a solution to mount either an RS-5nn motor or an RS-7nn motor. This option also includes bushings to support 13mm and 15mm front boss sizes.

-- RS-7nn Motor --
Motors with a 5mm shaft and a 17.5mm boss.
Motors with this configuration include RS-755, and RS-775 motors.
Some RS-775 motors are manufactured with a 15mm boss on the front; these motors can still be used but will require the motor be manually centered in the motor block. Alternatively, ""RS-5nn or 7nn Motor"" selection can be used as they provide bushings for the smaller boss.

-- CIM Motor --
Motors with a 8mm shaft and a 3/4in boss.
Motors with this configuration include the FIRST CIM Motor and the REV NEO
The pinion is a PRESS FIT on to the shaft
The gearbox supports option for both an unmodified shaft and a cut shaft.

-- Two Motor --
Two motor inputs feature a spur gearbox that mounts to the input of the Sport. The spur gearbox has a ratio of 3.25 to 1 and will accept either one or two motors. This selection includes all the hardware required to mount two of the listed motors.

Important: Both motors must be the same - mixing motors with different specifications can damage the gearbox and/or the motors.

Important: To obtain the final output ratio, the ratio of the gearbox must be multiplied by 3.25. For example a 4:1 Sport will have an overall ratio of 13:1 when the two motor input is used.

Gearbox will be delivered assembled and tested; however, it will need to be disassembled to grease and mount the motor prior to use. No special tools are required, typically only an allen wrench.

Prior to use the gearbox must be greased, grease IS NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately. We recommend Mobil XHP 222 Special grease; however, most lithium based ball bearing grease can be used. We do not sell grease separately, it can be readily purchased from most local auto parts stores or online suppliers such as MSC, Grainger, and McMaster among others. Configurable and Custom gearboxes can be supplied greased.

Please reference the maximum torque for the gearbox in the Specifications Tab.  The torque given is the FAILURE torque measured at the OUTPUT shaft from destructive bench testing. The torque driven into the gearbox, the gearbox reduction, and an appropriate safety margin should be considered when evaluating the torque in a given system. 

Height/Width (Square):
1.75 in
Fits In Diameter:
2-3/8 in
2.87 in +Shaft +Input
1lb 4.0 oz +Input
Max Torque:
170 ft-lbs
Planet/Sun Gear Material:
Cold Rolled Steel
Gear Specs:
0.7mod, 20deg PA
3 - 4:1, 3:1, 3:1
Mounting Holes:
Ten Total: #10-32 Thread
4 on opposing sides
2 on face (remove 3/8 screws)
1/2in x 1in Stainless Hex
#10-32 end tap
First Stage:
Motor HW Kits:
Sport Motor HW Kits
P7 4:1 Pinions
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Model shows stock configuration with a Machinable Motor Block - 0.3in Thick