Colson Series 2 Hub, Press Fit, 1/2 Bushing Bore, Flange

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These hubs were specially designed to mount the 1-1/4 wide Colson Wheels and provide one of the most durable methods of mounting them.

This hub bore is configured for a 1/2 dead axle and is provided with high quality igus bushings installed. The igus bushings provide a very nice low friction, light weight, compact solution that we found to be superior to ball bearings.

The hubs are designed for an interference fit into the wheel and feature integrated cleats that cut into the wheel bore. The interference fit combined with the cleats provide excellent pull-out resistance and torque transfer. Bench testing showed the hubs could transfer greater than 40 ft-lbs of torque with no movement.

The hubs are installed by pressing them into the unmodified bore of the wheel. We recommend using a 3-5 ton arbor press or a large bench vise to install the hubs. We DO NOT recommend hammering the hubs in. You can select to have hubs installed in the wheels when ordered together. This is available as an option on the appropriate wheel products.

With a suitably large press, the hubs can be pressed out and reused in other wheels. Please note the process of removing the hub will usually destroy the wheel bore making the wheel unusable.

These hubs feature a mounting flange to allow mounting a variety of sprockets and pulleys for driven wheels as well as various bore configurations. The flange has 6 10-32 tapped holes on a 1-7/8 pattern.
For Wheel:
Colson Series 2, 1-1/4 Width
For Shaft:
1/2 in
Wheel Bore:
29/32 in
Total Length:
1.57 in (including bushings)
Flange Diameter:
2.2 in
Flange Thickness:
1/4 in
Flanged Tapped Holes:
Six #10-32
Two igus with flange